Mikasyn – Sensual Young Lady


Mikasyn is an alluring young lady with natural charm and an irreverent sense of humor, easy to get along with and who sincerely cares about making viewers happy. She enjoys being sucked, ficked and licked; smoking analin and spanking are also favourite activities of hers; she has an open minded approach and would do just about anything for the right man!

Mikka is an accomplished author and public speaker specializing in women’s empowerment. Her books such as All Things At Once, Knowing Your Value and Obsessed explore topics such as women’s leadership and personal development. Mika also advocates for gender equality while supporting their pursuit of professional success.

Her work has enabled her to establish connections across borders and cultures using art, education, philosophy and music as the cornerstone for building intercultural dialogues that lead to mutually deeper understanding between cultures. She has worked in over 40 countries with students, teachers, philosophers and artists from different walks of life.

She has appeared as a guest on many talk shows and written numerous articles for national and international publications, receiving honors such as Harpers Bazaar Visionaries in 2021 and Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine Women of The Year honors. Keir Simmons is Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News/Today Show and her older brother Keir Simmons serves as Chief Foreign Correspondent.

Mika has established herself as one of America’s premier media personalities and journalists through an impressive career that spans American media and has propelled her to new heights as an MSNBC Morning Joe co-host and best-selling author.