Pucca_Garu69 is a fandom dedicated to Pucca and her friends Abyo, Ching and Ssoso in addition to Tobe Marshall Arts and Vagabond Ninja Clan (VNC). The show was created by Boo Kyoung Kim and Calvin Kim of South Korean Vooz Character System with Canadian Studio B Productions creating the Flash animation and produced by Jetix Europe; an iOS game of Pucca n’ Friends was also developed by Mob Crete for mobile platforms.

Garu is a seductive-talking sword expert while Pucca is an irrepressibly passionate foodie. Although at odds at times, these two manage to find common ground enough to become friends; sharing an aversion for girls such as Abyo and Ching while respecting each other’s sword-play. Garu leads their group as she attempts to protect Pucca from harm although sometimes this backfires on her.

Garu In Jail shows one such attempt where she attempts to escape him by locking him up, only for him to slip out the bars and escape. Later she visits him in prison but he becomes hostile towards her when she attempts to visit and gets angry when she visits. She attempts to break in several times but each time is interrupted by Tobe who takes away her keys and locks her inside instead.

Garu is known to be a talented dancer and singer in addition to being skilled at fighting, as demonstrated by her dance moves inspired by popular pop culture such as Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan; Hooray for Bollywood features both of them singing together despite Garu seemingly lip-syncing at times; she even demonstrated this talent at Goh-Rong restaurant’s costume party in And the Band Played Rong!