Miss Silk Chat

Miss Silk Chat was an early pioneer of both the Internet and kink in general. For those of us with early Internet connections in the 90’s, her site served as a portal into another realm – catering specifically to CD/TS interests like Mrs Silk before. Miss Silk Chat completely revolutionized how CD/TS was represented online at that time – truly making the experience interactive unlike anything seen previously on any site!

She has an easy going personality and doesn’t fear taking risks. Additionally, she is extremely perceptive; in the Republic of Ilstin she was able to recognize Cain saving a demonic being even though nobody else could see it. Teles and she eventually fell for Cain after he saved them from Ogres during their carriage ride to Capital for their debut date; though occasionally teases Teles about his attraction to other women; knowing full well that Cain will eventually have multiple partners again she has decided that accepting it won’t affect her feelings towards Teles.

Miss Silk runs a sissy maid training facility where boys come for sissy maid training. Each individual undergoes a strict induction that includes an exhaustive “Inspection”. If they fail this exam, they are moved onto her Bondage Bench where they will experience Electric Training Aids first hand from Miss Silk herself – an expert in these devices.