Ginger Little is a fictional character from the Nickelodeon animated series As Told By Ginger. As its main protagonist and a talented author and poet, she often finds herself dismayed at Lucky Junior High’s superficial social structure and finds it repugnant. Ginger_Little is very loyal towards both friends and family, fighting hard for what she believes to be right.

Ginger stands out from all other characters from the show with her long red hair and pale skin, setting her apart from everyone in school. Additionally, her unique way of speaking and laughing also make her stand out.

Ginger can be seen wearing approximately 64 outfits throughout her time in middle and high school in the show. She stands out as being one of few Nicktoon female characters to feature breasts. Ginger is extremely loyal to Dodie and Macie, always watching out for them both and often acting as an advocate when necessary; acting as the voice of reason to bring up any controversial ideas among them.

Darren Grimley: Ginger’s former flame in high school who later decided to end their relationship for “good karma”. Courtney Gripling: An influential rich girl who admires Ginger for her lifestyle (known as “Gingerrisms” by some). Ginger does not submit to this fawning like many would; she instead strives to stand up to Courtney when necessary.