Fit Nice Nude

Fit Nice Nude is a new fitness class at a Lower East Side gym that will see participants exercise naked. The idea was inspired by one of Harry Hanson’s clients who expressed difficulty working out in clothes due to body image issues. These classes aim to get participants comfortable with the idea of working out naked and learn to appreciate themselves more deeply, according to Harry Hanson (trainer to Rihanna and Sandra Bullock among many other celebrities).

Studies published in January by the Journal of Happiness Studies have proven that exercising naked can improve body image and foster feelings of self-love, according to research done on naked fitness classes. When you exercise naked, it provides you with a better view of your body as you can identify any insecurities you might have about yourself and can reveal any flaws that exist in it.

Plus, being naked may help you work out more effectively. Many exercises are easier when all of your muscles are visible during practice – which makes being naked an effective workout strategy when doing yoga or other forms of workout. At home you can perform many of the same routines naked; just ensure it’s in a safe, private space first before giving it a go.

If you’re ready to exercise nude, there are numerous gyms and group fitness classes offering this option online. Before heading out, just double-check that all cameras are turned off – for your own safety!