How Gay Hashtags Are Changing Lives

Gay Hashtags

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When an online movement sparks with hashtag, it has the power to alter hearts and minds–and bring about real-world change. From celebrating LGBTQ+ heritage events to advocating for gender-neutral pronouns, social media movements have utilized virtual space as a medium of advocacy and support. From their grassroots beginnings, these movements demonstrate how one hashtag can have lasting effects that encourage an inclusive society.

Instagram has recently come under scrutiny for censoring LGBT+ content by removing images with hashtags such as #lesbian, #bisexual and #gays from its platform. According to Instagram’s policy, such tags may violate “sexually explicit content.” However, experts like Elly Barnes of Educate & Celebrate argue that restricting hashtags of this nature could have serious repercussions for young LGBT+ people who use social media networks such as these to connect with peers while building communities, discussing identities and seeking advice and support from peers through their networks.

TikTok viewers who identify as LGBT may also be confused by these new banned hashtags, which may not allow them to find photos of themselves or others using banned tags – this may impact both self-esteem and mental health negatively; adding these hashtags into future posts could ensure they reach your followers more efficiently.