Names – Katrina


Katrina is a fortune-telling black panther from Animal Crossing series who first made an appearance in Animal Forest and has become a regular character throughout later Nintendo DS games. You can find her tent in any city for 100 bells; in exchange, she will tell you your fortune (which affects happiness). In addition, Katrina can be played with in the Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.

Katrina is an appealing feminine name often abbreviated to Kat or Trina by friends and acquaintances. It may derive from Greek Hekaterine meaning each and two; however, its exact origin remains undetermined. Most famously associated with Hurricane Katrina from 2005, which caused widespread destruction across southern Florida and parts of Louisiana before dissipating into the Gulf of Mexico.

Katrina may no longer be an official name used by the World Meteorological Organization, but its impactful name remains closely associated with New Orleans and its destruction from a powerful storm.