Ice_Creamy – A Review of At-Home Ice Cream Makers


Ice_CreamyWant It At Home

A scoop of ice cream is often the ideal way to unwind after eating, rehydrate after exercise or take a mid-day break. While going to a parlor or purchasing pints from the grocery store are both viable options, more and more people have turned to at-home ice cream makers as an innovative solution.

Ninja Creamis [sic], one of the most widely-used machines on the market today, looks similar to a tall and skinny coffeemaker with an easily removable bowl. After filling your container with mix-ins and placing it into the freezer for 24 hours, when pressing one of its eight buttons (ice cream, sorbet, gelato, milkshake, smoothie bowl re-spin and mix-in), an auger blade descends like an ice auger into it to creamify your frozen treat!

Creami ice cream maker stands out from its counterparts with its innovative gear system that turns off its motor, creating a much quieter, smoother operation that avoids mechanical gear clunks common among other machines.

At $160, this machine may seem pricey; however, compared with an $6,000 Pacojet it offers several additional features, including a built-in blender. There have been reports that its blades dig into plastic container lids or sides and release plastic shreds into your ice cream, however.