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Carroll understood how children’s minds worked, and used absurd humor to appeal to their sense of the whimsical. His work became a global sensation and soon after that came Through the Looking-Glass as well as The Nursery Alice for younger readers. Carroll’s characters and themes inspired an abundance of adaptations, parodies, cartoons and even board games!

Monopoles and vortices are essential topological excitations that appear throughout physical systems from galaxies to droplets of liquid crystals and ultracold gases. Monopole rings and vortices can be extremely intriguing phenomena; however, their experimental observations remain difficult.

Simulation results of our biaxial nematic BEC reveal that its polar phase can deform into an Alice ring, possessing the unique property that any passing monopoles transform into anti-monopoles. This unusual configuration is enclosed by an insulating FM nematic torus and identifiable by its continuous poloidal winding of (mathcalL). Our research implies that such rings may also exist experimentally accessible in other rich spinor BECs.