People at Big Ass Fans

R Bigasses

Big Ass Fans While Big Ass Fans’ Kentucky headquarters may be set amidst rolling hills and horse farms, its interior feels more reminiscent of an innovative California startup than anything else. At the front door stands Fanny, their beloved donkey mascot, while patent placards decorate every hallway.

But, despite its fun name and casual atmosphere, employees at SmartHome Cooling take product development very seriously. Their employees use Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform to mine customer data and search for patterns in how people interact with smart home cooling products.

“Our entire team is focused on designing new products,” explained Samantha Couch, global director of people and culture. Staffers can easily switch positions with an efficient job-rotation program in place and the company provides training in new areas to foster their growth.

R Bigasses, one of the company’s latest innovations, produces negative ions to counteract positive ones that cause allergies and other health problems, making it popular with customers who purchase it for use at home. According to Bahnfleth, sales should increase substantially with its remote-control version being developed further.