Kyleegrey recently became a father and has moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee from Los Angeles. She has become well known as an reality star after competing in numerous seasons of The Challenge as well as appearing in over 135 hardcore films for various producers such as Reality Kings, Bang Productions, Girlfriends Films Mofos and Evil Angel.

Kyleegrey serves as a Spiritual Life Coach helping individuals discover their personal connections to Angels, Ancestors and Ascended Masters. His accessible approach makes spiritual concepts accessible in today’s modern world through in person events, online courses, classes and trainings.

Kyle possesses unique abilities that enable him to perceive things about a person that others cannot, which allows him to provide valuable support during difficult situations or communicate with comatose loved ones. Furthermore, Kyle can create another version of himself within any memory and thereby attempt to understand Jessi’s betrayal and why she formed Madacorp with Declan.

Kyle can use his telekinetic powers to manipulate objects with great skill. Tapping into this ability initially required close confines and music or sound waves – although later, this became more streamlined requiring only his body and concentration for access.