Kinokonekko – A Review


Kinokonekko is an indie Japanese rock band founded when shoegaze started taking off in Japan during the mid 2000s. Shoegaze is an experimental genre defined by slow, atmospheric instrumentals with haunting vocals; dream pop is another related style which incorporates melodies and sonic textures for added experimentation; Kinoko Teikoku draws influences from both these genres in their music (see “Girl Meets NUMBER GIRL”) while still creating something uniquely their own (see: “Girl Meets NUMBER GIRL”).

Their unique brand of Japanese rock quickly connected with fans and quickly earned them a following both domestically and abroad. Tours with Next Music From Tokyo (NMFT), particularly tours in Canada, provided exposure to a diverse group of J-Rock lovers that became devoted fans.

The group continued releasing music, and reached a major milestone with their fourth album “Ai no Yukue,” which broke into the Oricon charts Top 20. However, following their final album “Time Lapse” being released in 2019 they announced their hiatus; later it would become clear that bassist Taniguchi Shigeaki desired to step away in order to take over his family business.

Kinoko is an uncommon feminine given name and stands out for being multitalented and adept at handling anything they encounter with ease. They have compassion and are always ready to lend a helping hand; working well when operating as part of a team.