Chloya_Tqo is an esteemed New York comedienne who has long been performing her humor on stage and on film/television sets alike. Additionally, she’s done live shows as Pepper Slit which were immensely popular with audiences.

At present, Chloe seems to have shed the burdens that had previously held her back and has more hope for the future than ever before. She filled out paperwork to enroll at Bay City College with Max’s approval; additionally she has started writing once more and seems better at it than ever.

Chloe enjoys watching movies, writing articles, reading and collecting books as hobbies; she also enjoys photography. Furthermore, Chloe is actively engaged with the community by volunteering at various nonprofit groups in Vegas as well as hosting emceeing at events hosted by organizations like American Cancer Society: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk; St Jude Charity Kickball; Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade and Las Vegas Wish Foundation Events.

Chloe loves pasta and often pairs it with meat such as sausage or chicken for an irresistibly delicious meal. She is an avid red wine enthusiast. When it comes to music, Chloe prefers rock; an old spiked bracelet from her punk rock past serves as a reminder. Additionally, she frequently visits websites related to punk style and music concerts near her area as well as magazines dedicated to punk culture and style. In her free time she crochets beautiful hats and sleeves as gifts for friends.