Zoe_0 is an energetic young lady with high levels of energy who’s always smiling! She enjoys playing tricks on mortals and isn’t afraid to fight back when threatened; Zoe can hurl celestial meteors at those trying to hurt her and call upon the power of heaven itself for assistance!

Zoe represents chaos, creativity and change as an embodiment of mischief, imagination and transformation for Targon, serving as his cosmic messenger and herald of major events that alter realities. Her mere presence warps reality’s arcane math causing cataclysmic events without malice or intent from her part; perhaps explaining her breezy nonchalance when fulfilling her duties as an Aspect as she often finds herself caught up in chaos without even realizing it!

Zoe has become adept at conjuring stars, mastering celestial power to her will. One of her signature abilities, Paddle Star, allows Zoe to deploy a small star that autonomously flies toward enemies in range and deals 23.3/38/53/883 (+12.5%AP) magic damage per second while active. Zoe may reactivate this ability at any time to move it into new places with reset damage modifiers; doing so also primes More Sparkles!

Zoe, one of Totango’s inaugural cohort of AI Policy Hub Fellows, investigates how artificial intelligence influences our everyday lives and society as a whole. She explores our technology use and its effect on identities and societies before enrolling in graduate school. Before this work experience began she worked both as product manager at a technology startup and then legal assistant for a plaintiff employment law firm.