Yuki Mari

Yuki_Mari is a fanartist for the Haganai series. She is characterised by shoulder-length light-brown hair and bright green eyes; typically wears both male school uniforms during the day and Yozora’s maid uniform (giving to her as night), in addition to tying back her hair using a white barrette with two black strings tied into triangles on either side – she often refers to herself using the term ‘watakushi’ which denotes someone very formal and sophisticated.

Yukimura exhibits low self-esteem as evidenced by her incessantly polite behavior towards Kodaka and Rika; even when Rika brought up hairstyle discussions. Yet she remains dedicated, always showing up with food or comics whenever Kodaka requested something done from her despite any task being required of her.

Finally, she proves to be unaffected by much; such as when riding the Black Dragon roller coaster while everyone else screamed and she simply continued chanting sutras. Although sometimes sarcastic remarks pop up from time to time.