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Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was an extraordinary rapper from Florida known as XXXTENTACION who left an impactful yet short life. Coming from an unstable home and having to face harsh realities of life at an early age was hard on him, yet instead used it as inspiration for his music instead. Soon enough he developed an enormous following of people who loved his depressing yet meaningful tunes which left listeners feeling an array of emotions!

Young as he may have been, he had much wisdom to impart to his fans. He understood the pain and suffering of his people, often touching upon this topic in his songs. With strong moral principles that encouraged youth to take care of themselves first and aim for success; as well as emphasizing mental health awareness.

These quotes from XxxTentacion will motivate and encourage you to work towards your goals with increased gusto and live fuller, healthier lives. Never give up on your dreams and never forget that angels are watching over us every step of the way – never forget to spread love as that’s what makes this world beautiful! So don’t wait any longer: read these XxxTentacion quotes now to uplift your spirits and push forward toward success.