What is Pigsex?

Pigsex is an umbrella term in the gay community used to refer to sexual behaviors that are both kinky and dirty, often associated with bottom roles. It can include anything from licking armpits, engaging in sweaty sex sessions and tag-teaming sex sessions, to urine colonics, barebacking breeding fisting and much more. Pigsex provides those exploring more butch kink a way of exploring their sexual desires as well as masculine power play dynamics.

Kink play that exists at the margins of sexual preferences can range from relaxed to structured depending on one’s preference. It could involve anything from formal Master and Slave/Daddy/Boy dynamics with predetermined rules and expectations to simply sniffing poppers during sexual encounters; similar to BDSM but with less structured Dom/Sub interactions and greater sexual spontaneity/raunch. This type of kink play offers people an opportunity to see if fisting interests them before engaging regularly in it via tops.