What is a Transmiacumx?

Transmiacumx refers to people who identify as transmasculine; an umbrella term for those whose gender does not match up with either their birth sex/AGAB or conventional notions of gender and sexuality. Although some refer to trans men as part of this group, transmasculine identity should not be seen as synonymous with being a trans man; gender can exist on a spectrum rather than being binary.

Atlas (they/them), one of our transmasc ambassadors, grew up in a rural town where there were few queer or non binary people; it wasn’t until middle school that they started exploring their gender identity through Tumblr that they began using they/them pronouns and began identifying as transmasc, though not entirely understood by their family.

Atlas encounters many unique obstacles when it comes to his periods, including accessing public toilet sanitary bins for period products and dealing with gender dysphoria. However, they remain firm that periods are a bodily function and that gendering periods is outdated. Modibodi’s all gender undies provide the solution here! Additionally, an alternate transmasc flag created by Tumblr user lavendroused can also help facilitate these needs! You can view our selection here. The Lion symbolizes strength, visibility, and the right to better living conditions. His colors signify healing and solidarity with marginalized communities – dark magenta represents transmasc people of colour while pink symbolizes gender non conforming femininity and reclamation.