Victoria Sun Nude

Victoria Sun Nude No matter your personal history with nudism or simply curious to experience it first-hand, visiting clothing-optional beaches in Victoria can be an uplifting and enriching experience. Each beach provides its own mix of beauty and community spirit – don’t miss these three Victoria gems for an enjoyable trip!

Victoria Vantage, 29, from Columbus, Ohio, recently disclosed she has received many marriage proposals from fans watching her videos online and wants to disprove the notion that naturists are seductresses. Victoria first found herself volunteering as a nude model during life drawing classes during college, falling in love with her natural body while modeling. Since then she has amassed quite an audience on Instagram and Patreon by posting nudity-centric photos featuring herself and other models.

She says her goal is to change people’s perception of nudity, and frequently receives messages from women asking advice on getting acquainted with their bodies. She says she does most chores and hiking naked as an example to show others that naturism doesn’t equal sexuality.

Her favorite beauty products include the MAC Foundation in Natural and the Cheek Creme in Blonde Mink. She uses blush on both cheeks to achieve that sun kissed look.

Legal nude beaches may be further away than you expect from Melbourne, but they’re definitely worth the trip. Offering freedom and camaraderie alike, their sandy shores make for an unforgettable experience – especially on weekends when their limited car park fills quickly! For best results when visiting, arrive early as these car parks quickly fill up.