Universityliz (Movie Review)


Liz is an integral member of the success center team, teaching undergraduate and graduate students a one-credit class entitled Healthy Cooking on a Budget as well as dietetic interns. Additionally, she collaborates closely with both BU Dining Services and Disability and Accessibility services to ensure students have access to an array of foods – nut-free options such as gluten-free options as well as vegan and vegetarian alternatives – available.

Malena Pennycook gives an electrifying performance as Liz, joining Ms. Spencer’s class of mostly women (alongside Jonathon Ryan’s earnest Brian) to study feminist literature and question reality. Attracted by Ms. Spencer’s suggestion that in order to combat patriarchy one must “kick it in the dick”, Liz and her friends Cali (Madeline Mahoney), Marina (Pearl Shin), and Limpita (Caturah Brown) decide to launch an intensive “Ring Ding Dong” campaign until all TKA male campus colleagues cease engaging in reckless sexual acts that they call “Ring Ding Dong.”