Tina14_TI, from DesignSoft, is an easy and powerful PCB design and simulation tool suitable for electrical engineers, students and educators. With powerful circuit analysis and symbol functions such as symbol placement and PCB layout layout capabilities suited for the analysis and design of analog, digital, RF MCU HDL mixed electronic circuits as well as simulation of SMPS, communication and optoelectronic circuits it makes Tina-TI an indispensable solution.

TINA features advanced features to assist with rapidly building complex circuits and providing greater understanding of its functioning during operation. For instance, its Analysis menu features an Error Rules Check (ERC), which examines each active component on a schematic for violations against common error rules and displays them as pop-up windows; clicking any error will highlight its circuit point in TINA.

TINA makes wiring components together easy by placing your mouse cursor over any connection node and holding down. A wire will be drawn between them. TINA also includes an “Jumper”, which looks like an upside-down T, that helps connect multiple similar circuit points together in order to reduce clutter.