ThegirlsGirls Chaturbate Rules

Chaturbate is one of the largest and most acclaimed adult live webcam sites online, providing cam models and their fans an opportunity to meet privately for private sessions to make money through tips or tokens; upload photos/videos for sale individually; set up Fan Clubs where members gain access to all shows at set token amounts per month – among many other features!

Chaturbate has many rules when it comes to broadcasting, and those who violate them risk getting banned. New models often find themselves barred after just a few sessions for things such as showing nudity, discussing sexual matters and/or trolling another model; criticizing Chaturbate or its policies also falls foul of these regulations.

Legal or unsafe performances, such as rape roleplay and violence scenes that harm audiences are prohibited. Also prohibited is any public displays like peeing, vomiting or defecating on stage that can be seen by audience members – this applies especially if such behaviors can be witnessed from within an auditorium setting.

As per copyright laws, breaking them is strictly forbidden. Wearing clothing owned by another party (such as Disney) could result in you being sued for infringing their intellectual property rights and broadcasting about competing websites is strictly forbidden.