The Legend of the Harleybell

If you’ve seen multiple bikes, chances are you have seen one of these small bells hanging from their frames. While it might not appear powerful at first glance, Guardian Bells are meant to protect bikes against evil road spirits known as gremlins and provide peace of mind on open roads.

Legend holds that these mysterious entities often attach themselves to motorcycle frames and cause many of the mechanical issues you might experience during a ride. A bell can trap these spirits, irritating them until they give up and return to roadways where they will latch themselves on another unsuspecting rider’s bike and cause trouble again.

These guardian bells are also thought to have more power against spirits if given by a friend rather than purchased and installed independently by individuals. It is thought that when given by a friend to someone riding, its spirit-fighting capabilities become activated and transferred from bike to bike as it passes between riders.

No matter where the tradition originates from, there’s no denying its charm: whether or not you believe its story behind, this tradition provides a fun way for friends to show each other love and care. Additionally, it can serve as an effective way of welcoming new riders into the community or dedicating new bikes, and while Harley-Davidsons may be most associated with this custom accessory bells have long been appreciated as beloved accessories by riders of other types of bikes and brands as well.