Sydney Heaven – A Luxury Multi-Story Vessel With Plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Sydney Heaven

Sydney Heaven is a luxurious multi-story vessel boasting indoor and outdoor entertaining areas for a relaxing yet enjoyable harbour day trip with family or friends. Boasting modern furniture and decor that add a sense of luxury while creating a fun atmosphere on board, Sydney Heaven provides the ideal place to unwind on Sydney Harbour.

St. Paul Catholic High School presents a powerful production of The Eyes of Heaven by Beverly Cooper that delves deep into human existence, faith, science, supernatural phenomenon and what it means to belong to a small town community. Eloise Bernhardt encounters what seems like an unearthly being at fifteen and her relationships and worldview become tested in St. Paul Catholic High School’s outstanding production.

Maggie Paquette and Mieka Shade gave an engaging performance as Maggie Paquette and Mieka Shade played mother and daughter roles with sincerity and reality, while Yves Ndira made his role believable as an overly enthusiastic science teacher; Sabrina Brigden played Sabrina Brigden effortlessly captured an ambitious journalist perfectly with an air of naturalness; their small cast kept their audience fully immersed in what would come next, captivating us with both serious intensity combined with subtle humor for an unforgettable performance experience.