Star Wars Characters – Kayamodai

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Kaya was among those leading the Golgari Swarm during Ravnica’s invasion, alongside Vraska and Ral Zarek. Once in the Undercity, Kaya and Teyo assisted Liliana but she refused to part with her Veil. When Rakdos blood witch Exava attempted to take away Liliana’s Veil from her, Kaya responded by joining forces with Exava into one massive undead creature that infiltrated the city and spread death, leaving it without even one living soul alive – leaving only death behind in its wake.

Kaya survived Ravnica’s assault and joined Jace, Niv, and other planeswalkers on a planeswalker journey to Phyrexia. Once there, Kaya played an integral part in efforts to prevent New Phyrexia’s fragments from reaching other planes; she helped plan its defense, served as guildmaster to release souls contracted with Orzhov, released souls from contracts with Teysa Karlov’s guild; she found Vorinclex but his presence allowed him to escape by dissolving into phyresis cloud; ultimately she found him within Bretagard cave.