Star Trek Characters – Darsy

Darsy Darcy is the middle daughter of Stormy and Icy Darcy of the Winx Club. A comedienne by trade, Darsy shares her sisters’ craving for power by manipulating others for it; often this leads to trouble such as when she tried to convince Riven not to join their race of Rose with them. Yet Darsy does have soft spots for those she cares for as evidenced when she saved one of her closest friends from Spike in Season One Episode “A Friendship Sundered.”

She can use her magic to conjure up illusions that appear real to those around her, distracting enemies, such as villainous witches or her own Winx teammates, in order to gain an advantage. Furthermore, these illusions can be projected onto other surfaces such as floors and walls to fool those who see them.

Darsy not only possesses telekinetic abilities but can also use her ability to teleport throughout each season of the show, which she utilizes several times throughout each episode: in episode one of season two she uses this ability and in “Darcy’s Return,” part of season three, she returns home along with her parents from Magix via this method.

Darsy is also renowned for her investigative reporting skills, covering topics as diverse as news media, technology platforms and the entertainment industry. Recognized with numerous awards for her hard-hitting journalism, Darsy is highly esteemed within her field.