Shy Stephanie (Movie Review)

Stephanie is generally quiet but likes hanging out with weird or amusing people – particularly men! She especially appreciates kinky-sexy guys!

Kate, Stephanie, Lauren and Patti have been best friends since kindergarten in Oregon. When Patti moves from the city, the girls welcome her into their sleepover group – but mysterious events seem to keep happening since her arrival – could it be that Patti has brought bad luck?

Neal Huff’s controversial book of the same name forms the basis for this satirical, satirical drama dramedy with an outstanding cast that includes Erika McCleary (Mary Holland from The Marvelous Mrs Maisel), Joy/Jobu Tupaki from A24& Daniels “Everywhere All at Once,” and MTV “Girl Code.”

Stephanie Lucero is a wonderful and compassionate friend; the kind you turn to when sick. However, due to rotting teeth she prefers avoiding social situations. Worried that people might laugh at her she often wears a mask during family gatherings to protect her dignity from ridicule.

So far she’s been content to pursue her own dreams alone until Peter, her newfound crush, enters her life. Peter represents everything she’s ever desired but with disapproving family members and anxiety issues present – is it worth taking this risk?