Shellfire Heroes – How to Play the Different Heroes in Shellfire


Shellfire is a first person MOBA FPS game similar to Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, in which players compete against one another on different settings and objectives to attain victory and defeat rival teams of players. Players battle one another for control of certain areas or simply by killing more enemies than their rivals; there are various heroes you can collect in this game that make for exciting gameplay!

Shellfire offers 27 characters for players to select when playing, each offering their own style of play and offering something different than other characters. Practice is key when improving skills in this game; each character begins with some initial rune setups; these can then be expanded upon as you level up.

Diana is my first character I want to highlight here, who serves as a useful defender in certain scenarios. Her unique ability allows her to hide while shooting down enemies from distance makes her particularly effective on maps like Island Battle or Space Station Raid.

Ice Shield, one of her specialized abilities, allows her to heal herself when attacked by opponents. Ice Blockade helps slow opponents down and make them easier targets; finally, her ultimate ability, Revelry, boosts damage significantly.