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Selena Quintanilla was born into a musical Mexican-American family in Corpus Christi, Texas. As the youngest daughter of Abraham and Yolanda Quintanilla, she began singing with her siblings under Selena y Los Dinos at local venues – her older brother A.B. even joined Selena y Los Dinos! Selena won a Tejano Music Award in 1987 for Female Vocalist of the Year which propelled her beyond Texas’ Tejano scene into recognition by EMI Latin that year where Live! was released and another album Amor Prohibido made Selena into stardom; Coca-Cola even used Selena as part of their commercial campaign to showcase Latin talent!

She had her own fashion line, boutiques, and lipstick line with shade names drawn from song lyrics. Her fans were extremely loyal; many dressing up like her for Halloween or other celebrations. In 2020, MAC Cosmetics even released a limited-edition collection inspired by her signature red lip tint.

Selena remains one of the most beloved Latin women around today, her legacy lasting through honorary holidays, posthumous awards, and even having her hometown museum dedicated to her in Corpus Christi. Selena’s music remains immensely popular with artists such as Camila Cabello and Casey Musgraves covering her songs.