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Nude paintings have long been an integral component of art history, from idealized depictions in classical antiquity to challenging and provocative works today. Nude paintings have helped shape our understanding of human bodies while stimulating audiences across generations.

Renaissance artists placed great importance on studying anatomy, as evidenced by Pollaiuolo and Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical studies. Artists sought to understand human skeletal structure as well as muscle placement and character, in order to produce realistic figural compositions with realistic figures. Their use of nude models gradually lost any iconographic value and were valued purely for their aesthetic and sensual qualities.

Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Courbet’s Woman with an Apple and Modigliani’s Reclining Nude are prime examples of Renaissance female figures depicted as popular subjects. Reclining positions were especially beloved among women as evidenced by Titian’s 1538 Venus of Urbino on display at Art UK as well as many copies on display here at Art UK. Henry Moore’s abstracted, sculptural reclining figures recall this classic tradition by representing female nudity en masse.

Victorian portraiture became increasingly popular during this period, including William Collier’s Lady Godiva which depicts the famous cobbler’s daughter riding through Coventry to protest her husband’s heavy taxes. This work shows the Victorian’s passion for depicting historical figures as well as how art can use human bodies’ beauty to convey complex stories and emotions.