Queenofmilk Review


Queenofmilk, located in Joliet, Illinois is an online milk brand providing premium quality dairy products at unbeatably competitive prices. Furthermore, they conduct extensive research and development work as they specialize in creating premium-grade ice creams, frozen treats and milkshakes designed to offer an irresistibly creamy experience – unlike what can be found at supermarkets!

Gigi was inspired by a cow named Gigi who reigns supreme on Behnke Farms of Wisconsin, producing upwards of 8000 litres daily. Her insatiable appetite is met by grazing on alfalfa grasses; smart, driven and independent she requires locks on her barn doors so she doesn’t escape outside to continue producing milk!

Gigi stands the size of a horse with her large head, long nostrils, and wide muzzle. As part of a herd of 60 goats that provide milk to Behnke for production purposes, she possesses strong will power as well as incredible intelligence that allows her to unlatch gates keeping her in her barn home.

Milk Queen (also referred to as Dairy Princess in some countries) is the winner of regular competitions held by dairy associations to promote dairy industry and products in their region. Like Apple-, Asparagus-, Beer-, Corn- and Must Queens she carries out promotions within that particular region or country and appears at trade fairs and consumer events, primary schools and press conferences. Although winners typically aren’t compensated financially they may receive reimbursement of expenses related to travel arrangements by organizers.