Princessarieth – The Mermaid Princess

Princessarieth, from the first film in Disney Princess franchise, is shown to be quite caring and nurturing to nearly all living things (with some notable exceptions such as Flounder). Additionally, she displays an affinity for human objects such as tools and artifacts, often collecting them in her grotto; sometimes calling an ordinary telescope “Thing-a-mabob.”

Ariel, daughter of Triton King of Atlantica and felling in love with Eric. To become human she made a deal with sea witch Ursula that if she did not kiss Eric within three days she would become Ursula’s property; but eventually felling for him herself led to their becoming lovers and eventually she transitioned from aquatic creature into human form.

Princessarieth is an energetic and imaginative young woman who enjoys exploring the underwater world. Though sometimes reckless and mischievous, Princessarieth always has a kind heart which she always shows when helping close friend Flounder (such as when swimming into ocean current to rescue him from shark). Unfortunately she can be easily annoyed by other aquatic beings.

Princessarieth was the first Disney princess based on an individual of color, sparking controversy at the time. But it’s important to keep in mind that real people like Mulan and Pocahontas inspired many Disney Princess characters so it wouldn’t make sense for these films to change these real people’s races for fictional ones.