Princess Rosea 69

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association has participated in the Rose Parade since 1949, and their 2019 theme – Road to Reclamation – encourages audiences to take a fresh look at nature and understand that each change brings new opportunities for renewal. They will decorate their float using organic materials like white large lima beans, pink mums and raised roses; deep purple carnations called Moonshade; pampas grass; fine ground rice as well as accents such as silver leaf, nigella seed and black carroway for accents.

As for the story itself, UT 69 features plenty of fighting – particularly an epic sequence down a tower where King dispatches multiple enemies at once – and can be quite enjoyable at times, yet Kiet makes a critical misstep by intercutting her bloodthirsty killing with unnecessary backstory that doesn’t add anything beyond filling gaps in our understanding of why she became such an avid killer. A film like this needs either to focus on developing engaging characters or on emphasizing its fight scenes – unfortunately neither happens here.

Still, this is an enjoyable movie and Joey King proves herself worthy as the star attraction, distinguishing herself in a genre filled with prison action movies. Though not known for being great actress, Joey boasts good looks and outfits as well as an audible bass drop that could shatter your rib cage!