Pornographic GIFs

Men and women today can find many ways to unwind. Watching porno movies, reading classic Playboy magazines or participating in erotic hentai are all great methods of unwinding – but more and more people are turning to GIFs as another method – these posts have quickly become popular on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.

Porn GIFs don’t compare to full-length films in terms of length; typically only featuring several seconds from any given scene, but they still can be highly effective arousers. Marie-Chantal, an established producer and reblogger who makes GIFs of herself fucking, notes that an average erotic GIF contains enough information about its scene for viewers to feel as though they’re there themselves.

Scholars have noted the way loop aesthetics found in porno GIFs can facilitate sexual pleasure by magnifying an intimate moment and inviting viewers to focus on it for extended periods, enabling fetishists to indulge their desires with an intensity they wouldn’t experience when watching full-length movies.

Porn GIFs might seem like an ethical alternative to mainstream pornography, but performers and directors might take issue. Kelsey Obsession recently informed Mic that she stands to lose thousands when her clips are reposted without paying to see the whole scene or subscribe to her channel.