Photography Tips – Moon_Shine Cam

Moon_Shine Cam

Capturing images of the beautiful moon adds drama and interest to landscape photographs. When photographing it at night, make sure your exposure balances between landscape and sky; overexposure could easily wash out its details due to too long an exposure time; use histogram review when reviewing images for peak detail peaks so you can adjust exposure as necessary.

Photograph the moon at twilight with sidelight to create striking silhouettes of trees and boulders, or as it rises or sets from eastern or western directions to illuminate mountains and cliffs. Utilize resources such as Time and Date, StarWalk 2 App, PhotoPills, Photographer’s Ephemeris or Naval Oceanography Portal to determine what phase the moon currently occupies.

Before photographing the moon, ensure your camera’s autofocus is set to a single point and secure focus with tape on the focusing ring. In Live View mode, press magnify button for maximum image size magnification to aid with focus before turning off autofocus.