Petite Twerk – How Petite Women Can Twerk Like Pros!

Petite Twerk

Video shot backstage at a Victoria Secret photo shoot shows stunning Victoria Secret models being encouraged by fellow models to lower themselves and twerk. The results were simply astonishing and it proves that petite women can indeed twerk like pros!

The video starts by providing a brief history of twerk, detailing how it originated in West Africa before spreading throughout Black diasporas. According to its lecturer, twerk serves as a form of self-reclamation that allows female artists to rediscover their bodies while asserting sexual autonomy.

Afro-femmes use twerk to counter the phallic discourses that aim to objectify and degrade their bodies, according to video lecturer. He states that it’s an expression of pleasure and sexuality in an environment which promotes body negativity.

Kira Noir of OnlyFans is best known for her curvaceous figure and popularity on the website, often hosting VIP room sessions for her fans.

Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack, who made headlines after posting a viral video of herself twerking in a headstand, does not regret her viral stunt and would do it all over again. Mack noted how her feedback from the video fostered meaningful conversations, helped build bridges with new people, made more friends since the video came out, and found great pleasure from receiving reactions to it on TikTok (where it was seen more than 8 million times within 24 hours).