Miya Kimmi (Japanese YouTuber)


Miya_Kimmi was a Japanese YouTuber best known for her gaming and free talk streams, along with hosting VTuber interviews and events as well as Vsinger recommendation streams. Additionally, she hosted Japan tourism streams featuring tourist spots in Aichi. Miya_Kimmi won multiple times as Vtuber of the Month on multiple occasions; her Hanjo Squad gained her considerable renown.

Atsumu sensed Kiyoomi push him under a microscope again and this time it wasn’t to check for germs; she seemed intent on finding out more. Atsumu couldn’t figure out why she did this or how to respond; perhaps it had something to do with Valentine’s Day and horror movie marathon push-backs and white day after-show shoves were responsible? Whatever it was he didn’t know how to react; not wanting to make her angry but fearing what her next move might be; his lack of being upfront started showing now as she took an interest in him and atsumu began showing too many times when discussing sensitive matters openly with others he just couldn’t quite manage that level of honesty was starting to show through.