Miaspell Character Details

Mia is an ambitious young woman with a strong work ethic and commitment to her goals. She works together with others towards success, always searching for new strategies to reach them.

Miaspell is not only an ode to magic’s potency; it’s also an encouragement that hard work and perseverance will get us anywhere we set our mind to. Miaspell serves as an important message to young women just entering adulthood – one we all should keep in mind as we embark upon new stages in our lives.

Mia focused intensely as she cast her spell. So intent was her focus that it resulted in the formation of a sphere between her hands, captivating Polly and Amyba until they heard an unearthly giggle; at which point Mia noticed the sphere was moving.

Mia was revealed to be Brigette’s cousin during the quest The Talent Show, and they remain close, often being seen together at fashion events or shopping together. Mia used to cheer at Hearst High with Kara; however, during Cheer Camp they had some tension between themselves.

Mia and Autumn did not get along at Hearst, and their animosity continued when she transferred to Vane. Since then, however, Mia and Autumn have made amends and can often be seen painting together – both being shown in Retail Therapy and The Falling Out as depictions. Mia also works closely with Sam at the bakery and they enjoy an excellent friendship.