Melaany_ is a Musician, YouTuber, and Educator

Melaany_ is an accomplished musician, YouTuber and educator passionate about artificial intelligence (AI). She writes and speaks passionately about AI with great insight and enthusiasm – not shying away from difficult questions such as can a computer think and is it sentient; dissecting hype from reality; refusing dogmatic dogmas without question.

Since 2009, she has uploaded covers and original songs to YouTube via her channel and now boasts over one million subscribers. In 2022 she co-authored The New Rules of School with co-writer Chris Henninger that followed a girl trapped inside an isolated residential school that features Cry Baby as its protagonist navigating typical grade school rites of passage such as food fights in lunch room cafeteria, embarrassment during gym class workout sessions, romance with dubious intentions from fellow classmates as well as courses taught by disinterested teachers – all while trying to escape and find ways to escape and escape before closing curtains on this new chapter of school life!