Megpremium Review

Megpremium provides users with ample free storage space and a range of premium plans that cater to individuals as well as businesses or teams. They offer a generous 20GB free account so you can test out their services to see whether or not they fit your needs.

This company implements an extremely strong level of encryption to safeguard uploaded data, and are one of the few services offering password-protected sharing links for files and folders. They support ECPAT’s Principles to Counter Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse as well as being explicit in their Terms of Service that they will not tolerate any illegal activity.

Due to the nature of the Internet, they cannot review all content uploaded and shared on their platform. Should any upload be in violation of copyright and other laws, they will remove such uploads when requested to do so and notify all appropriate authorities accordingly.

Counter-notices from their subscribers who wish to contest copyright notices will also be addressed, but only after expiration of the safe harbour period or upon receipt of an official court order. They do not disclose information about subscribers to law enforcement agencies unless legally obliged.