(Auricoma mitfordii and OliryBantlia aurea Hort) are species belonging to the Aroideanae group of plants.

Easier to care for than its climbing plant counterpart, this hardy houseplant makes a good choice for those with limited space who desire something visually pleasing without too much ongoing care requirements. These beautiful flowers boast distichous leaves which create beautiful distichous arrangements when grown on large ferneries – they also make excellent decorative foliage additions!

Lvs are oblong, with an oblong shape, narrow margins, and small teeth on their undersurfaces. Branchs tend to be rather lax; peduncles purplish. Flowers form an open pendulous cyme with dense flowers on it that is either cylindrical to oblong-elliptic in form. Sepals 4 have four ovate shapes overlapping into narrowly lanceolate segments; summer blooming.

European and Asia Minor native, it makes an attractive slender and graceful shrub, hardy in all but the hottest regions. Grown as ornamentals on walls and fences as an ornamental, as hedging plants or for parks and gardens as part of their landscaping, as hedging plants or pot plants; its hardiness lies within any well-prepared, rich soil, greenhouse environments and pot planting environments, yet requires adequate sunlight and humidity – definitely something every garden should include in its planting scheme!