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She was an attractive brunette with long black locks. She sported jeans and a t-shirt, sporting an impressive tan on her legs that she proudly showed off when looking into the camera. Additionally, her smile illuminated her entire face when looking back into its lens.

Once she saw the men, she began sensually gyrating her hips sensuously. She lifted her t-shirt to show off her slim, well-defined body before dropping it back down and revealing a thick round ass. Cooeing in English she moved her fingers around in her tits; eventually pushing them up in front of the camera before lowering them back down again.

He stripped her clothes away, exposing her body. His gaze flickered with desire as he gazed upon it; reaching for her, slipping his hand into her wet cunt, and working it until he made her moan with pleasure.

She could feel her cock throb with excitement as sperm began flowing in. She enjoyed giving head and even had a taste for cum; often swallowing it and then licking it away afterwards.

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