Magicsempaix (Movie Review)


An unmotivated freshman finds himself struggling to decide which club he wants to join when he stumbles across the Magic Club. Inside he discovers Sempai practicing her magic skills despite her stage fright, though when performing for others her magic becomes unmanageable. Sempai reluctantly recruits the boy as her assistant but soon discovers everything can go wrong between these unlikely partners in this uncomfortable relationship.

Magicsempaix was initially published in Weekly Young Magazine from February 2016-2021. A lighthearted comedy, it follows a first year high school student and her eccentric mentor through their trials, offering some comedic relief and occasional fan service moments along the way. Enjoyable to watch!

Sempai attempts to expand her Magic Club membership by holding a show in the park, but unfortunately the audience consists of mostly children who don’t appreciate her antics. Meanwhile, she practices her spoon-bending trick in public while wearing her kimono, and introduces two white pigeons named Ma-kun and Behemoth-kun as members.