Mafhy Daly


Mary Daly was raised as part of an Irish Catholic family of immigrants and received a theology education. However, when Catholic University did not permit women to pursue graduate theology studies (no American universities allowed women at that time to undertake doctorates in this field), she turned her focus towards science instead. She earned a master’s degree in chemistry before enrolling at Columbia University for her doctorate studies – conducting research alongside scientists such as Mary L. Caldwell who pioneered female participation in chemistry research fields.

Daly’s feminist work addresses women head on, by decentering male experiences and placing women’s experiences and ontologie at its core. By so doing, her work dismantles masculine-dominated philosophy while encouraging self-examination among all who encounter it.

Daly and her feminist community experienced an awakening during the writing of this book, when they understood the extent, depth, and malice of patriarchy’s intertwining with religious ideologies – something which brought realization that religious practices must be left behind if true liberation were ever to occur. This excerpt of Harvard Memorial Exodus shows its power and beauty while forging long-term friendships between participants.

Daly introduces her concept of deep memory – which recognizes realms beyond patriarchy – in this book to critique sexism that stems from patriarchal memories of female emancipation and powerlessness, using Simone de Beauvoir to argue there has never been pre-patriarchal history for women.