Lucieoude_ on Chaturbate

Lucieoude_ is an accomplished cam girl, beginning as DouxTease on MyFreeCams before transitioning over to Chaturbate under her real name and becoming one of its mainstays under the moniker Lucieoude_. A beautiful brunette, Lucieoude_ boasts an eye-catching face and figure while being known for receiving generous tips as evidenced by regular bookings on both platforms.

As one of the world’s biggest and most acclaimed adult cam sites, Chaturbate should come as no surprise that it offers such a vast variety of content. Models perform solo shows, couple acts or group sex. There’s also foot worshipping and toy fetishism – not forgetting mainstream content such as blowjobs!

One aspect that sets Chaturbate apart from other cam sites is the way it allows models to self-tip. While previously this was considered dubious, since 2022 this practice has become legal. Models can move tokens between their personal account and studio accounts for purposes like self promotion, transferring them between studio models within their studio or even switching shows (e.g. masturbation to tits and blow).

Self-tipping can be very lucrative for models, and its consistent use can mean the difference between success and failure in their careers. Unfortunately, however, some girls take advantage of this feature for dishonest purposes by moving large sums of money to themselves in order to increase their camscore ranking (an example being imoan_uen_suk). Chaturbate may consider discouraging such conduct in the future.