Lilas_World Review

Lilas_World is an interactive children’s game that allows them to create their own virtual world and populate it with whimsical inhabitants and make up their own rules. What separates this app from others in its genre is the inclusion of children’s drawings into gameplay – an innovative combination of physical writing tools and digital fun!

Players will join Lila on her summer vacation at her grandmother’s town where she discovers many places of interest, from picking books from the library to attending tea parties with friends or even whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen!

At home, children have access to many objects that encourage them to explore their imagination and craft their own storyline. Building worlds and characters also serves as a great way to reduce stress and anxiety levels in kids.

The gameplay itself is extremely straightforward and engaging, enabling players to interact with each character by either playing with them directly or giving orders and commands. Furthermore, there’s an accessible map and mini-games designed to develop children’s spatial awareness.

Lilas_World offers children an engaging social play experience while they learn. With its vibrant color palette and endearing character designs, this game will keep children entertained as they interact with friends and imaginary creatures alike. Plus there’s lots of replayability – there are secrets waiting to be unlocked!