Law Enforcement Targets Non Nude Sites

Non Nude Sites

While lawmakers draft laws to address Internet sites featuring preteen and teen models, police are already using existing legislation against sexual exploitation of minors to prosecute operators of those websites who have crossed the legal line. Three cases currently in court involve allegations of violation of state and federal sexual exploitation laws against sexual exploitation of minors.

Kylie Cummings, 13, who had been adopted by an Arkansas couple and who wore a topless outfit when her photo appeared online was arrested after James Steven Grady operated TrueTeenBabes and TrueTeenCams websites that allow members to pay to view scantily clad teenage girls. Grady and his wife Janelle were charged with illegal publishing and possessing child pornography material.

Law enforcement authorities have targeted other “model” Web sites. In April, authorities raided the home and office of Colorado photographer who ran TrueTeenBabes website and confiscated photos depicting women posing in revealing clothing or making suggestive poses.

Many of these sites offer Custom Shoots, where models pose in whatever poses and attire is requested by customers. From conservative clothes to more provocative lingerie poses and photography quality ranging from webcam quality to professional-level photography is available; customers have written scenarios or sent specific clothes so their models can create images suited specifically for them. Though popular among customers, these sites remain controversial due to potentially being hunting grounds for pedophiles.