Lauriehot (Movie Review)


From Milwaukee’s South Side Kosciuszko Park and Lake Geneva’s Mugshots restaurant to Lake Geneva’s Playboy Club, this gritty rock musical makes no apologies for taking its audience on an engaging journey. Erika Olson as Laurie sells every aspect of the role with ease; from Joan Jett songs to soothing ballads she perfectly captures Laurie’s sexy edge while still portraying a girl who loved Little Women.

At last, Laurie is convinced to open up about her emotions with Angela White (an ageless beauty with natural breasts). Laurie confides in her about being angry with her stepdad since his wife died and suspects him of killing her mother. Angela White works with Laurie on these feelings while explaining Carl Jung’s “Electra Complex”, where children compete for parental love by subconsciously trying to replace them.

This play’s vignettes offer enough story to keep audiences interested, while at the same time offering some of the hot daddy/daughter sex that taboo fans crave. Charity’s submission to her stepfather is particularly intriguing: she licks his abundant cock and sucks his pussy while he dangles sweet seduction dangle from his lips – this powerful new release from Pure Taboo is now streaming live on AEBN so log on now and experience its magic!