Laraslife Game Review

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Lara is highly acrobatic and moves with grace as she traverses tombs, caves, and worlds; there is no limit to where she can explore within each world or Tomb & Temple she explores; though certain areas may become difficult if too far off track is taken by players. Lara can utilize various gadgets such as magnetic devices and weapons that help her make progress more manageable through each level; additionally the player may change Laras outfit through her menu after having completed certain levels.

Lara is an individual with a traumatic past who has managed to overcome it, becoming an accomplished survivor while struggling with survivor’s guilt for not helping others as she should. Unfortunately, Lara’s father is dying and she struggles with inheriting it while an adrenaline enthusiast taunts the Rescue team with dangerous stunts; and an extortion racket has captured Dean; leaving Lara frantically searching for ways to save herself before time runs out.