Lana Del Rey’s Tropico

Lana Del Rey has always shown her affinity for Americana and Golden Age Hollywood through her music, so it comes as no surprise that these themes would also appear in her new short film Tropico, directed by Anthony Mandler and featuring three songs from Born to Die – Paradise EP, this sexy, darkly poetic exploration of innocence lost touches upon all the themes present throughout her work: loss of youth, good vs evil battles and trading beauty for money.

But most importantly, this video is entirely Lana. She delivers many poetic lines over visuals that lean toward nihilism and sexuality, playing Eve in this Garden of Eden-grime of earth-golden fields of heaven narrative.

This video starts off with Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Elvis Presley and Jesus impersonators hanging out in what looks like Heaven, advising Lana as Adam (model Shaun Ross) munches an apple from the tree of knowledge. Next up: Lana gets a tattooed with Tupac-esque calligraphic writing that reads ‘Life Is A Bitch” before stripping in some kind of group that would send security officers running for cover at Walthamstow Tesco.